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For Sports Organizations

For Sports Organizations

Coaches who have devoted themselves to specific competitions since childhood will help athletes strengthen their fundamental technical skills. Do you have atheletes in your team who continue to compete in their own way, depending on their innate physical ability?
Let’s work together to strengthen their fundamental technical skills again for athletes to improve their performance.


  • Member Registration
    Profile registration, Name of sport, Country/Region, Required coaching level, reason to invite coach
  • Search Coach Candidate(*1)
    Select coach candidate from the coach database (based on athletic history, coaching experience etc.)
  • Introduce Coach Candidate(*1)
    Feedback research results (through Zoom, Tel etc.)
  • Interview with Coach Candidate
    Conduct online( The Coach Agent staff will facilitate and could join meeting as requested)
  • Prepare for coach assignment (*2)
    The Coach Agent will support preparation such as setting up local life (finding residence etc.), obtaining VISA etc.
  • *1 : Selection and introduction of coach candidate: approximately 1 month
  • *2 : Preparation for local assignment : approximately 2 months

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Before member registration, please contact us in advance by using “Contact us here” link above

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