The Coach Agent

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For Potential Coaches

For Potential Coaches

The Coach Agent, like a professional athlete’s agent, seeks overseas coaching opportunities on your behalf and negotiates and establishes terms and conditions such as treatment.

If there is a match with an organization looking for a Japanese coach, you will be assigned to the site within minimum 3 months.We will also find the the coaching opportunity on your behalf for your desired country or region.


  • Member Registration
    email address, name
  • Coach Registration
    Type of sport, Country of choice/region/Type of organization (National team, private club), reason for registration
  • Search for candidate organizations (*1)
    We will directly contact overseas sports organization and research coaching opportunities (reason to invite new coach, treatment etc)
  • Introduce opportunities of candidate organization(*1)
    Feedback outcome of research (through Zoom, tel etc)
  • Interview with candidate organization
    Online interview (The Coach Agent will facilitae and could join the meeting per request)
  • Prepare for overseas assignment (*2)
    The Coach Agent will support preparation such as local life support-up(e.g. finding residence), obtaining VISA etc.
  • *1 : Research and introduction of candidate organizaiton: approximately 1 month
  • *2 : Preparation for local assignment : approximately 2 months